by moles on the skin

Watercolor, typewritten text on index card 
5” x 3”

Staccato brush marks pile up, becoming aloft on the right hand side of this painting. The formation arcs over the phrase “By moles on the skin.” Divination by bodily marks, including moles and birthmarks, has had many names. The practice dates back as far as the Roman empire and was in practice as recently as the 1800s.

Blue Watercolors (Framed Selection)

Watercolor, typewritten text on index cards
11.625” x 36.75”

A selection of five Blue Watercolors float in a vertical, maple shadow frame. The cards read, from top to bottom, Papyromancy, “divination by the howling of dogs,” a string of overtyped characters creating a single, indecipherable typewritten line, “divination by brain shape and personality type,” and Daphnomancy.

This selection of Blue Watercolors is sold framed and mounted as is. Substitutions are not permitted.