Watercolor, typewritten text on index card 
5” x 3”

One contiguous, blue brush line staggers across this painting before releasing along the right hand edge. The word, Isopsephy, refers to a numerological practice in which texts are converted into numbers and then the values are summed.

Blue Watercolors (Framed Selection)

Watercolor, typewritten text on index cards
11.625” x 36.75”

A selection of five Blue Watercolors float in a vertical, maple shadow frame. The cards read, from top to bottom, Papyromancy, “divination by the howling of dogs,” a string of overtyped characters creating a single, indecipherable typewritten line, “divination by brain shape and personality type,” and Daphnomancy.

This selection of Blue Watercolors is sold framed and mounted as is. Substitutions are not permitted.