The Warbonds Performance

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2007 - 2010 
Monologue with slide projections (costuming elements pictured) 
Duration approx. 20 minutes

This performance piece, written by James Leonard with staging assistance from Heather Mell, is the live component of The Warbonds Project.

Adopting a military officer’s persona, Leonard’s Warbonds Performance covers themes ranging from the intersection of art and science to the intersection of social movements and individual action. The piece ultimately posits a question of collectivity. “Could this be how things get done? Small actions...forming a larger wave of action? Can we all as bit players, for just a moment, obtain a vantage where we see both the forest and the trees?” 

A .pdf scan of the performance script with artist’s notes is available for download.

Performed at Winkleman Gallery, the Susan Hensel Gallery, Front Room Gallery, Open Source Gallery, and the Dumbo Arts Center.

James Leonard - Detail from Warbonds Project performance, artist in military persona marching with one hand behind back, and the other pointing accusingly.

The Warbonds Certificate

Offset print with multiple security features
4.25” x 7.75”
Edition of 2,500

A fine art print utilizing multiple modern security document features as part of a larger conceptual work.