Hold Me Close

Serigraph, flypaper adhesive, incidental debris and organisms 
46" x 46" 
Edition of 3 (two available)

Hold Me Close was created as an acknowledgement of the sacrifices made by the artist’s wife, when she relocated to be with him during his MFA program in Michigan.

The silkscreen graphic derives from the map of Ann Arbor. Outlines demark city parks—areas that brought the artist’s wife comfort during this time—while orange indicates property owned by the University of Michigan, an ever-present entity in their lives.

With the addition of flypaper adhesive, the piece also functions as a literal flytrap. Nearly a sixteenth of an inch thick, this adhesive gives the print a unique, velveteen lustre.

The first in this series was a gift to his wife, and hangs in their Brooklyn home; it still catches unwitting insects.