Greetings from America

Lenticular postcard
3.75" x 5.75"
Edition of 2,000

This lenticular postcard features a map based on the 2004 US electoral divide; it flickers between two geographic perceptions of red and blue America. Text on the reverse describes several man-made and natural wonders found within the United States.

Through a modest guerrilla effort—with assistance provided by friends living across the country—these postcards were quietly left on racks in gift shops at emblematic, United States tourist locations, such as: the Liberty Bell, the Alamo, and the United States Capitol Building. Items were left with the intention of interrupting often idealized, patriotic, and neutral spaces—to raise alarm about the country’s growing political and social divide.

Currently, a limited edition of postcards are available via Fuse Works Multiples & Editions. Each postcard purchase includes a handwritten note from the artist on the backside, comprised of thoughts about a current event, a mention of the day’s weather, and a personal memory.

A vintage, 2010 Flash webwork of Greetings from America can be found HERE.