Hungry Dust

Flocked posters, nylon rope, and metal hardware 
Posters are 19.5" x 14"; installation dimensions variable

Pink, flocked posters declare, "Unicorns Have Never Existed." In a display that seems to defy gravity, blue nylon rope belts the jutting 4' stack of posters to the wall. Folded unicorns, made from the same posters, play atop this poster stack.

Hungry Dust was conceived and fabricated while the artist’s grandfather was dying and he watched his mother prepare for that death. The origami unicorn is based upon the one Edward James Olmos is seen folding at the end of the film Blade Runner, a debated and mysterious icon within a movie about expiration and self-knowledge.

Hungry Dust Poster & Origami Unicorn

1 flocked poster and origami unicorn of same poster material 
19.5" x 14" 
Edition of 50 (48 available)

This limited edition poster comes from the production run used to make the installation, Hungry Dust. Every poster declares, "Unicorns Have Never Existed" and is flocked in pink on the front and printed as a mirrored line drawing on reverse. 

Each individual poster purchase is paired with one origami unicorn folded and assembled by the artist.