Seeking Diviners Flyer Campaign

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Xerographed flyers

In the late Summer of 2014, James Leonard posted several hundred flyers around Brooklyn in attempts to connect with people comfortable talking about the end of the world.

Confronting his own anxieties and uncertainties surrounding the growing collective fear of disaster in our time, Leonard decided to take his questions to the street. He posted these flyers in several neighborhoods of Brooklyn in the months of July and August of 2014.

Xerographed onto a multitude of stock colors, four distinct flyer designs featured different invitations:

“Can you divine? Do you divine? I want to know how the story ends.”

“Do you have religious or spiritual experiences that provide insight into the future?”

A xerograph of the artist’s palms with the text, “Can you divine the future?”

“Looking for diviners comfortable discussing the end of the world.”

Each flyer had tear-offs with a phone number and an email. Some of the responses received were pessimistic and trolling. Others were sincere, coming from individuals initiated in a variety of traditions that celebrate divination as a means of counsel and contemplation.

Documentation of this intervention along with transcripts of just a few of the responses was included in the 2015 book, Seeking Diviners, by James Leonard and Molly Gallentine.

Seeking Diviners Book

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Art book, with printed inserts and stickers
82 pages

This art book documents the public art action, Seeking Diviners, and pairs it with street photography, journal excerpts, and graphic design to explore the metaphysical at the dawn of the Anthropocene.

For the art action, Leonard posted hundreds of flyers around Brooklyn in attempts to connect with people comfortable talking about the end of the world. Each flyer included tear-offs with a contact number and email address. This book includes photo evidence of the street campaign as well as selected voice transcripts, emails, and text responses.

Seeking Diviners includes photographs by Leonard, as well as artists Nina Mouritzen and Michael Duva. Text selected and edited by Molly Gallentine.