The T-Shirt Shop at the End of Civilization

2012 to present
Found, used clothing, iron-on lettering

Used garments serve as ground in The T-Shirt Shop at the End of Civilization. The front of each article of clothing features a collage of iron-on letters, forming text. The iron-ons come in a multitude of colors and materials, including vinyl, felt, flocked patterns, rhinestones, and sequins. The shirts are mostly in bright, solid jewel tones. 

The texts displayed on these shirts are carefully curated, many written by the artist. Some are deep confessions, some express existential anxieties of our historical moment, and others celebrate sources of wonderment and pleasure. A few are quotations whose context and content resonated deeply. For example, “Food and Water Shortages in Our Lifetime” comes from graffiti that was visible for years in Manhattan’s Bowery. “His Words Were Bone Crushing” comes from Minister Eric Brown in response to Trump’s comments on Charlottesville.

The clothing items have all been diverted from the waste stream. Some were purchased by weight, others found on the street. The iron on lettering is either donated end lot inventory or comes from backstock.